villa castello

Villa Castello

Villa Castello (or Villa Reale) is located in Castello area, a short distance from the other well-known Medici villa La Petraia.
The villa, after belonging to the Medici, passed to the Lorraine and then the Savoy families.
Currently the villa is the headquarter of the Accademia della Crusca.

Villa Castello’s gardens are one of the finest examples of an Italian-style garden. It is decorated with hedges, flower beds, statues and fountains. Particularly noteworthy is the lemon house with its collection of rare citrus fruits, the result of grafting and experiments dating back to the 16th-century Medici period.

Another noteworthy room is the Grotta degli Animali with sculptures of animal statues in the Mannerist style.

To the Lorraine era belong instead the two secret gardens, placed at the sides.

In the English wood belonging to the villa, the January Fountain is worth seeing.

Opening hours:
Every day from 8.15 am to sunset (4.30 pm in winter until 7.30 pm in summer).

Info Line
+39 055 580283

Address: Via Giovanni Aldini, 12